Built to Murder is a counterblast to the hackneyed pigeon holes that are the retro car and biker scenes.

Built to Murder is a family united by a blurred identity. We do not care for hipsters, scenesters or camber crazy show queens. Other than the petrol that surges through our veins, the one thing that unites us is our journey.

Built to Murder doesn’t want to sell you hoodies and window stickers. We are not a tribe. We don’t fit the mold.
We drove our old school cars and bikes before it was scene. We survived on scrap yards, not credit cards.

Built to Murder is the kid who lost skin on a concrete skatepark and still wears the scar today. Built to Murder is the kid who pimped his Mongoose and drank Thunderbird wine before his Dad made him get a job. Built to Murder is the guy who ragged his Yamaha Fizzy to and from his apprenticeship, saving every penny until he could afford that Cavalier or Orion. Built to Murder remembers pull out stereos and Purple Ohms on a Saturday night.

We are the guys who stuffed our Golf GTI within a week because our talent was outflanked by our ambition. We are the guys who rebuilt the bones into a Jetta because that was all we could afford.

Built to Murder are the guys who soared passed you on one wheel on our CB500. We are the guys who dug that bike from the back of the garage twenty years later and turned it into our dream bobber.

Built to Murder celebrates the history that gave us the skills to build motorbikes and hotrods in kitchens and in cramped council lock ups.

Built To Murder is a idealistic, utopian, visionary community where you you can come and immerse yourself in our adoration and devotion for the petrolhead world.

There is no room for prejudice. We embrace all genres of automotive culture. ALL ARE WELCOME to enter the hallowed gates at Built To Murder.