Twisted Iron is a community for bikers who share the same passion. Mostly amateur builders who spend every spare minute in their shed or garage creating their own unique motorcycle, a place to find inspiration for or showcase your next project.

Starting 3 years ago with a Facebook page and Custom Bike Event called ‘The Happening’, they have now been running a monthly bike meet for the last year at a place called ‘This Is Your Garage’ near Oxford, a very cool venue indeed.

This Is Your Garage’ (TIYG), is a great place. It’s somewhere to meet like-minded car and bike enthusiasts and work on your own vehicle in fully kitted out work bays; there’s even a place to store your pride and joy.

Frank Sizer Chopper Builttomurder

If there was an award for coolest arrival and exit from a venue, Frank Sizer would have won it hands down. He rocked up at Twisted Iron in the coolest ‘53 Ford stepside pickup, on air, with a stretched out, chromed and black ‘59 Triumph chopper in the back. The pickup looked like it had driven straight out of the Mojave desert.

Frank’s an old school cool guy with petrol running through his veins. He has a garage stacked with big boys toys. His collection is a petrolheads nirvana with headlines from drag bikes to a roof chopped, full race Volvo Amazon drag car, to a classic street driven 700bhp Camaro.

Frank Sizer Volvo Amazon Builttomurder

Frank got his hands on the chopper quite recently and when i asked him why it hadn’t been in use all these years he explained that the original front end was made from poor quality steel and there was too much flex which made the bike an event to ride, and by ‘an event’ I mean down right dangerous.

M.C.Cycles in Watford put together a complete new springer front end, manufactured in high quality EN20 tool steel. Frank says the bike is a joy to ride now.

Frank Sizer Chopper Builttomurder

Frank’s chopper is a true survivor bike. Created in 1985 by a custom shop in Northampton, It’s had it’s 15 minutes of fame and in 1987 was even featured in an edition of Back Street Heroes.

Then in 1987 the chopper pretty much vanished from the scene, it went dark, under the radar, it’s hardly turned a wheel or been heard of. It’s spent most of it’s life since ‘87 in bars and restaurants being used as a show piece to entertain the punters. I expect if they listened carefully they would have heard it gently weeping in the corner.

Frank Sizer Chopper Builttomurder


The Twisted Turnouts occur every third Sunday of the month, from 10am-2pm at

‘This is Your Garage’, Unit 120, No.1 Site, Culham. Oxon. OX14 3DA


‘The Happening’ next year is on 15th-16th September 2017, in a field at Mill Lane, Chalgrove. Oxon. OX44 7SL

Further details available from:

Facebook: TwistedIronTheHappening


Frank Sizer Chopper Builttomurder